Discover and assess on-premises VMs

Discover information about your VMware virtual machines, including CPU and memory utilisation, disk details and networks. Group machines for migration assessment with higher confidence by setting up dependency visualisation to view dependencies of a single VM or a group of VMs.

Confidently plan your migration

Get advice on rightsizing your cloud resources to proceed with confidence and better control your migration costs based on efficient utilisation. If Azure Migrate identifies specific VMs as problematic, follow step-by-step guidance for overcoming the obstacles to help keep your migration on track.

Easily migrate your workloads to Azure

After running a cloud assessment with Azure Services, begin migrating your on-premises VMs to Azure using services including Azure Site Recovery and Database Migration Service.

Migrating Open Source Applications to Microsoft Azure

  • Migrating Open Source Apps

  • Support for MEAN & LAMP stacks

  • Docker & Container Services

  • Open source databases

Migrating Applications to Microsoft Azure

  • Migrating Apps to Virtual Machines

  • Migrating Apps to App Services

      App Service Environment

      App Service integration with Virtual Network

       Scaling in App Service

  • Migrating Apps to Containers in Azure

       App Services and Containers

Migrating Application Databases to Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Database Services

      Azure SQL Database

      Cosmos DB

      Databases in Azure App Service

      Azure Database for MySQL & PostgreSQL

  • Hybrid Integration Scenarios

      Web Application with on-premises database

      Virtual Network

  • NoSQL scenarios and benefits in Azure

  • Database Migration tools

Migrating Application Authentication to Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Active Directory Concepts

  • OAuth and OpenID Connect Concepts

  • On-premises applications using Azure AD Authentication

  • Azure AD Connect

  • Web App/API and Native App with Azure AD Authentication

  • AAD Support for SaaS Model

  • B2C scenarios with Azure AD

Not all problems with have the same solution!

Not all on premises environments are ready to move to cloud ! Yes it is hard to accept , the migration strategy differs from environment to environment.

First and foremost step before even thinking about migration - We have to assess the environment.

Contact Us today for Cloud Assessment !